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BVE born in 2016 including professionals with more than 25 years of practice in advising all types of business.
Why? The professionals who make up, all of them responsible in various business areas of the business world, they experienced the same anxiety: when a company grows (SMEs), their advisers do not adapt to this new and growing needs. For this reason, their existing structures prevent them this grow and adaptation, disabling, thus, the correct advice in this new phase of its existence.
Given this situation, the professionals who make BVE forged an alliance consisting in to generate a new organization with the structures, personnel and technical possibilities that would allow us, to give services to the business world (medium and large companies), national and internationally.
This will, we provide direct services with three main offices: Sabadell, Barcelona and Madrid, having the mission to accompany our clients in all legal proceedings, fiscal, economic and financial, helping them to achieve their objectives through effective and fast solutions that can become us in a true strategic partner.

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